Create Your First Website in About a Day!


My video course is called “Creating Websites That Sell” so it’s pretty self explanatory, really!


I’ve made the lessons so easy to follow, you really can build your own high performing mini sales site in about a day. Think of it this way!


It’s like having me standing at your shoulder telling you what to do next. Do you think that might be an advantage?


I have built loads of these simple websites - including the one you’re reading now. This is how I make most of my income - and I have proven that they work. In fact they work like a charm! And they can be used to sell anything you like!


I’m not the only one who has found this. Look at what Michael Tasker from Edinburgh had to say about how simple and straightforward the process was. In fact, Michael used the same techniques I show you in this course to create his first minisite!

“Hi Ian. I liked the simplicity of the presentation. For someone starting out it does exactly what it says on the tin... whilst there are books available that demonstrate the process you cannot beat someone showing you real time. It provides the opportunity for the beginner to approach the creating their first website with confidence.”
Michael Tasker - Edinburgh

The Truth About Making Money on the Internet!


If you want to launch any business on the Internet, quickly and easily, then you need to know how to build these simple sites. This is the plain, simple truth! The good news is that now you have the quick and easy way to do it!


Now, I have to warn you! If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme,  this is not it.


It’s just common sense. Everyone knows you can’t just put a website on the Internet and become incredibly wealthy overnight . Everyone knows this is pie-in-the-sky nonsense (sorry, but I have to be blunt here!)


But, if you’ve been looking for a simple step by step system to help you get a powerful, single page, sales mini-site on the net, this is it. My course really will take you by the hand, and actually show you  the whole process. This really could be what you’ve been looking for!

If you want a quick and easy way to create your first high profit
Minisite then click the link below - now!
“Ian! I wish I had this course a few years ago when I was getting started. You would have saved me months of pain as I grappled with the technical stuff not knowing what was important. I went down so many blind alleys but you managed to provide an easy to follow blueprint to build a great looking one page website form scratch.”
Jon Martin - Eastbourne

Full Risk Reversal Guarantee for a Full 2 Months !


In addition to everything above, I really believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a penny, if you think that Creating Websites That Sell 2 can’t help you to make the money you need from the Internet.


I’m so convinced about this that I have given CWTS 2 my ultimate Gold Standard Guarantee!

Put simply - take my course, and use it for a full 2 months in your own home. If, during that time, you think it doesn’t do what it says, or you think it can’t help you to make the money you need from the Internet, simply email for a full, no questions, refund.


I cannot make it any simpler, or easier, than that. So, click the order button below NOW and get your own copy!

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This FREE video training session will show you how I save massive time and effort when branding my websites.

This first video will give you the skill to make stunning header graphics for your sites, even if you have never created any art work in your life.

What you learn in this first free bonus video can also be used online as an extra stream of income - or even a separate business!!!

FREE Bonus Video Number 2.
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In this very special session I want to demonstrate all the elements that make up a killer sales minisite.

This is a virtual tour round a hugely profitable minisite where I’ll point out all the “landmark” elements that make it perform to the max, and convert readers to buyers!

When you have studied this video, and gained the insight you need, then you’ll instantly understand what it takes to create a killer sales website

FREE Bonus Video Number 3.
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Graphics make a website come alive... And, as they say, ‘A picture paints a thousand words!’  This is very true online, but there’s an even more important reason to use web graphics! And that’s PROFIT!

These specialist graphics can be used to boost both sales and opt-ins to a customer list.

Although I cover using web graphics in the main CWTS 2 course, this bonus video will show you how to position Copy Clips™. These are tiny, specialised, sales enhancement, graphics that professionals use. Amazingly, graphics like these have been shown to increase response rates on the web by over 300%!!!

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I’m going to give you a FREE LIFETIME subscription to my weekly Internet business email - The Greenwood Letter.

This gives you all the hot tips and instruction about how I make money on line. I always try to stick to real “how to” information rather than just theory!

Let me reassure you! I rarely sell anything through my e-letter. It’s purely an information resource.

I do sometimes recommend resources that I have used and found helpful, but you wont be bombarded with sales messages for the latest, greatest Internet marketing system! I respect my customers, and just will not do that sort of thing to you.

All in, these bonus gifts are valued at over $140 - but they are all FREE today... but only if you are one of the first 200 orders that I receive.

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One thing you really need to know! This is the launch of the expanded and updated version of Creating Websites That Sell. I call this edition CWTS 2 (not very imaginative - I know!) But I’d like it to be a success, and I’d like to get it into as many hands as possible.


Not a bad thing - I think you’ll agree?


I would like it to be a huge success for you too.  So, I want to help you out and try to guarantee your success as far as I can. I’d also like to reward those who can take a bargain when they see it.  


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Now, as I said earlier - After the amazing success of the first release of CWTS I decided to make it even better.


Over the past year I have been listening to my customers, and I have been busy making huge improvements to the whole course. This is what I’ve done:-



After all that... I definitely want to celebrate the release of CWTS 2!   And I’d like you to join me in the celebration.


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Never Give Your Money Away to Another Web Designer!


Let’s face it! Web design isn’t cheap! If you you had to hire a web designer to build your one page mini websites, it would cost you around $450 to $800. And you would have to pay this every time!


But today you can use the CWTS 2 course to create as many websites as you like!


Now I ask you honestly - Is that worth a few notes of your money?


But I want to be fair to you. So, I’m not going to ask anything like the $450 it would cost you to hire a web designer.





“Remember - My Early Activator Discount is ONLY for the first 200 Customers”


With Creating Websites That Sell 2 you're getting all my personal training, and you’re also getting all my experience and expertise... And your getting it all today, instantly!


You also have the luxury of studying it all, at your leisure, in your own home, for a full 60 days risk free.


My special ‘Early Activator’ celebration package today is reduced to only $97. This is the full price - no hidden extras - And is so much less than hiring even the cheapest web designer!


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My new home study video course shows you every step - even if you have never done anything like this before!


Play the video now -Remember to turn your speakers up!

“Now, in Less Than 24hrs You can Learn the Skills You Need to Create Your Own Powerful Sales Websites - Even if You’re a Complete Web Novice”

From: Ian Greenwood

Date: 11 September 2011



Easy, Profitable, Web Sites That You Build Yourself!


Do you wish you had a simple, quick, and easy way to create your own high profit websites? Does HTML, and all that web jargon drive you mad? Does all the techie geek stuff about building web sites scare you half to death?


Then get ready for some very, very, good news! Here’s why.


Until now, if you wanted your own sales website, you only had 2 real options. First, go to university and study web development for years (like I did), or second - pay a techie guy hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


If you’ve ever tried to create your own website, then you probably already know how difficult, and frustrating, it can get. Right?


In fact... I have found out that creating a website to sell something online, is the number 1 reason why most people never achieve their dreams of making money on line, or launching a Internet business.


If that's you, then you really need to read on...

“Straight forward and easy to follow. As someone who has not yet built a website I should feel both confident and competent to attempt the task with the help of this. The language and delivery are both natural and genuine.
Neil Rumbol -
Benfleet, Essex
“This is the first web building package that I was instantly able to understand and follow from start to finish. For a complete novice like myself it provided an instant path to produce a website. Something I had not previously been able to do.”
David Blenkinship
Leyland, Lancashire

The Whole Process Now in Easy to Follow Chunks!


One page mini websites are the backbone of selling on the Internet. They are so powerful most of the big names in Internet marketing still use these simple one page sites to rake in countless millions $$$$$$ every year.


So, you really can’t ignore this any longer, if you want to make money online.


Problem is, most people just find getting to grips with web development so tricky, and time consuming - even scary at times! If this is you, I can show you a simple way through the whole web creation process - in easy to follow chunks - with no techno-babble or gobbledygook!


Look at what David from Leyland, and Neil from Benfleet, said about my course after they tried it out!

If you have been looking for the straight forward, easy and fast way to create your own cash pulling mini sales sites then click the order button below NOW!

Create as Many Cash Pulling Sites as You Like!


This is the really astonishing thing about the CWTS video course. Once you know the simple steps to creating your own minisite ‘money machines’ online, you can do it again, and again, and again! - as many times as you like - for as much money as you really want!


I know dozens of people with their own sites on the Internet -  and most are based around this simple model. Most are silently, quietly, behind the scenes, making automatic cash, day in day out. The real question is - will you be joining them today?


When you order your own copy of CWTS today you’ll discover in short, easy to follow, step by step, lessons how quickly you can get your own mini websites on the net and selling!


Michael Dale’s son from Derbyshire tried my course and amazed his Father! He quickly proved that what I’m saying here is true. With no previous experience, he built his first one page web site in less than 30 short minutes.

“The course gave enough information that an outright beginner could design a simple website quickly. In fact my son designed a webpage in less than 30 minutes without previous experience. For a beginner I think that makes a great introduction to website design. It takes away the mystery and makes it as easy to do as using a word processing program.”
Michael Dale
Sharlow, Derbyshire

Yours for a successful future






Ian Greenwood

P.S. Please remember! All together this is 25, step by step, lessons to allow you to get your own mini web site on the Internet, and making money for you, as quickly and easily as possible.



P.P.S. Please don’t forget! When you order today this whole opportunity is covered by my full 60 day complete satisfaction GOLD STANDARD guarantee. The details are given in full in the letter above!



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“I liked the way in which you kept explaining every detail after each click or clicks of the mouse. When I attended a course in web design and authoring I did not understand the methods, or recall the information as quickly as I did from following your simplified explanations... a well structured teaching display.”
Peter Church - Glasgow

When you order CWTS today you’ll discover all this, and much, much more!


Read below how John from Slough gained confidence for his own web project from this easy to follow personal tuition!

“Well done, straight to the point, precise information. Easy to follow. I liked the personal touch. You are following instructions from a face not a voice. It gave me confidence to use the information I was following.”
John Dyer-Vass
Slough, Berkshire

Learn it ALL at Your Own Pace - at Home!


Let me tell you  what you get in the CWTS course.


The course comes to you in 25 easy step by step video lessons online. When you go through the secure order process today you will have immediate access to the whole course, instantly online.


So, when you have a connection to the Internet, you can watch the lessons any time, anywhere! (Even at work - but don’t tell the boss!)


You don’t need to know HTML. You don’t need any experience or previous knowledge. All you need to make the CWTS video course work for you is a computer, some free software, an Internet connection, and the will to discover for yourself how quick and easy all this is!


So, let me tell you what you’ll learn in each part of the course!

CWTS Part 4 -  
In this part I’ll show you how to construct your download page or “thank you” page. You need this to sell high profit digital products like eBooks!
You will discover in easy steps how to construct active links to allow for automatic product downloads and automatic income!
You will see the best way to link to other sites to provide your customers with valuable, but FREE, resources and information.
I also show you the simple requirements of a download page that you can use with Clickbank™ to sell your products automatically online!
CWTS Part 5 -  
In this final part of the course I’ll reveal the easy steps to getting your web site onto the Internet.
You'll discover the final essential checks to make sure your web site will do what it’s meant to do - sell product!
I explain to you in easy terms the technicals of web hosting, and how to use this to your advantage
I also reveal how to use this process again and again to provide different products to your customers, and huge profits for you!
Instant access to the full course NOW! Your own copy is waiting!
ATTENTION: Need to know how the Pros make their profit pulling websites?

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1. The full  25 lesson course. This video footage runs to over 2 ½ hours of real step by step high quality learning. You’ll see every detail of how to get your site built, and up and running! All you need to do is follow along!




2. Bonus Video Lesson 1 - The fast and easy way  to brand your websites with stunning header graphics - even if you find it difficult to draw a stick man!




3. Bonus Video Lesson 2 - A virtual tour of one of the nets best and biggest profit pulling minisites. I’ll show you round this site and point out the “sales copy landmarks” and how the site converts readers to buyers. Using this you’ll instantly know how to replicate this success in your own sites!



4. Bonus Video Lesson 3 - How to use my own Copy Clips™ graphics. These little graphic gems have been shown to increase sales from thousands of websites - and this is how to use them!




5. Bonus 4 - FREE Lifetime subscription to my weekly Internet business email - The Greenwood Letter. You’d better grab it now!




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